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Caravan of 7,000 Hondurans coming to Fall River to sign recall petition


A caravan of 7,000 Hondurans and other mixed nationalities has added a new reason for coming to the U.S.; signing the recall petition to recall Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia.

“At first, we were heading to the US for the entitlements, but then we found out Mayor Correia was behind SnoOwl,” stated Alejandro Garcia, a migrant in the caravan. “Now we are coming for the entitlements and to recall Jasiel.”

Asked why the Fall River recall effort was important, Alejandro replied, “SnoOwl was very popular in our country and then it just disappeared. It was a way to find vegan cafes in our area. We were planning on using SnoOwl to find vegan cheddar soups on our journey. Now what? We are stuck using Google.”

In response, Mayor Correia has prepared the Fall River Police to seal off the Braga and Veterans Memorial Bridges to keep the caravan from entering Fall River. He’s pushed to bring in the National Guard, but Gov. baker won’t return his phone calls.

To divert their attention from Fall River, the migrants have been handed help wanted ads to work in the fishing industry in New Bedford.

“We kept getting Craigslist job postings to shuck scallops in New Bedford on our smartphones. They are sponsored ads and we feel Jasiel must be behind it because now the Caravan is split between heading to Fall River for the recall or to New Bedford for work.”

Mayor Correia had no comment when asked if he was behind the job postings, but did add, “Hey, what’s more important to you? A job or signing a petition at grocery stores where ICE agents are waiting?”

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