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City Council Votes for 56% Pay Raise


Emboldened by their reelection, the incumbent city councilors pushed for and got a 56% pay raise. One day after the November 5th New Bedford Municipal elections, the City Council vote 11-0 give themselves a second pay raise in as many years.

“The voters have spoken,” Stated David Gonsalves. “Last year we enacted a well-deserved 44% pay raise. A tiny minority were angry and I told them ‘If you don’t like it vote me out.’ Well they voted almost all of us back into office so clearly people feel we deserve more money.”

When asked why 56%, David stated, “We like round numbers and to keep the math simple for the accountants. 44% plus 56% equals 100%.”

Asked about the next issues the City Council will take on, David replied. “We have a lot of important issues to address. For example, finding a good location for the approved Elizabeth Warren casino, ensure the new head of the public library system has a smooth transition, install the new pillory and start paddling the citizens,¬†and to find a great location for our Guinness Word Record plaque.

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