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Immigrants to vote in elections New Bedford residents refuse to vote in


In a dramatic move, the New Bedford City Council narrowly passed a motion in the late hours allowing undocumented immigrants to vote in New Bedford municipal elections. The move came after only 6.93% of eligible ward 3 residents voted in Tuesday’s special election and a week after the Council made Route 18 a Sanctuary Highway.

“Look, if New Bedford residents won’t come out and vote, then we’ll allow illegal immigrants to vote in the elections Americans won’t bother to vote in,” said City Councilor Linda Martins. “We already have sanctuary fish houses and soon we’ll be a sanctuary state.”

“I slept in, then it rained,” said Ward 3 resident Jim Melo. “Before I knew it, it was time for Grey’s Anatomy. When does anyone have time to vote?”

“I voted against the motion,” stated Henry Gomes. “I’m good with undocumented voting, but I was just pissed that I didn’t come up with the idea.”


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