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Joni Mitchell and Mayor Mitchell Tussle over First Names


by Butch Inskalop

Music legend Joni Mitchell visited New Bedford yesterday to meet with mayor Jon Mitchell to resolve a dispute over their first names.

Ms Mitchell flew into New Bedford Airport on a flight from her home on Martha’s Vineyard with her manager and a few friends. The meeting took place at City Hall in the mayor’s corner office.

The dispute began several months ago when it was discovered that Google searches for the singer were being misdirected to the mayor.

The mayor’s release of an album of songs entitled ‘Court and Park (In Metered Spaces)’ only compounded the confusion. “I think if Jon threw an ‘H’ in there like most Johns, the problem would be resolved,” said Ms Mitchell on the steps of City Hall while on a cigarette break. “One letter makes all the difference.”

After the meeting, mayor Mitchell released a statement that he would take Ms Mitchell’s suggestion under advisement and that he is looking at things from both sides now.

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