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New Bedford Aims for Guinness World Record For Lowest Voter Turnout


After a 12% turnout in the preliminary elections, the city of New Bedford attracted the attention of Guinness World Records for the final municipal election on November 5th. They expect a much lower turnout due to the cold weather and residents pushing for the record.

“We were impressed by the sheer lack of interest in politics in New Bedford,” stated a Guinness World Records observer. “But we hope our observers don’t fall asleep at the polls waiting for people to show up.”

According to Guinness, the world record for lowest voter turnout is held by the town of Talkeetna in Alaska. They had a voter turnout of 5% that resulted in the election of Stubbs the cat as mayor.

“Really?” Responded registered voter and New Bedford resident Tim Brady. “I didn’t realize we were up for this record. I was going to vote, but now I’ll stay home so we can beat Talkeetna and take the record from Stubbs.” attempted to contact Stubbs, but the mayor’s office reported that Stubbs was in the hospital after an assassination attempt by a dog.

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