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Nuclear Power Plant to Replace Fairhaven Shaw’s, Million Person March Planned


A Russian-based nuclear power company, Putin Energy, has made a successful bid to build a nuclear power plant in Fairhaven. It will replace the location of the old Shaw’s building.

“How can that happen?” Stated local activist Al “Sharpton” Smith. “You can’t build a nuclear power plant next to wind turbines. Imagine the pictures? We’ll be the joke of Facebook and Instagram.”

A spokesman for Putin Energey responded. “Look, you got your renewable energy with the wind turbines. How did that work out? Now it’s time for something that really works.”

Mr. Smith is taken action to stop Putin Energy from breaking ground and is planning a Million Person March in the Shaw’s Parking lot. Date and time to be announced. He also has a theory about the demise of Shaw’s in Fairhaven. “Putin Energy has a minority stake in Market Basket who lowered their prices so Shaw’s couldn’t compete. Now there is a nuclear power plant replacing Shaw’s. You do the math.”


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  • Dooeysmom
    October 28, 2013 @ 4:07 pm

    Love it!


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