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Protesters Storm St. Luke’s Hospital, Take Rod Inskalop Hostage


What started out as a peaceful Million Man March protest against satire writer Rod Inskalop has turned into a violent confrontation that resulted in 20 people injured and the writer being held hostage.

Rod Inskalop, who sky rocketed to fame as a satire writer, recently had a stroke convincing people that his work is not real. It appears his work has caused anger among many in the community and resulted in a Million Person March.

The protest turned violent once the crowd started to pelt the police with scallops that had been sitting in the sun for days. “Here’s your rotten scallops!” shouted several angry protesters.

“This man needs to be held responsible.” Said Al “Sharpton” Smith from Rod Inskalop’s hospital phone, the Million Person March organizer and President of the┬áPeople Against Rotten Scallop (PARS). “He has hijacked our community. He has hijacked our Facebook walls.”

When asked why he couldn’t just simply scroll past the Rotten Scallop posts on his wall, Mr. Smith whispered, “Three words. Mind… control.”

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  • Lee Jacintho
    October 31, 2013 @ 1:35 am

    Hilarious! Never had so much going on in NB when I lived there!


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