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Ralf Rho Loses by One Vote, Blames New Bedford/Fairhaven Bridge


Ralf Rho, a candidate for At-Large City Council, lost by a single vote and missed the cutoff to move into the next round of the 2013 New Bedford elections. Thirteen candidates in the preliminary elections vied for the 10 slots in the November 5th municipal elections. Tenth place finisher Tom Wilford received 957 votes to Rho’s 956. Rho is also calling shenanigans against City Council candidate and Fairhaven/New Bedford bridge operator Jen Simpson.

Ralf Rho explained. “We lost by a single vote. My campaign manager and I were in Fairhaven grabbing dinner. The polls closed at 8pm. I left Fairhaven at 7:45pm with plenty of time to get to the polls when the bridge closed. It closed out of schedule and I didn’t see a boat pass by. The bridge didn’t reopen until 8pm and we missed the deadline to vote.”

He further explained, “Then I saw Jen climb down the stairs from the bridge operator room and I knew something was up. Clearly Jen and Tom were working together.”

Jen Simpson and Tom Wilford could not be reached for comment, but rumors are swirling that they were seen together drinking champagne at several post election celebration parties.


  • Roger Gautreau
    October 26, 2013 @ 11:28 pm

    Real weak. You want to be leader in our city but on the day you need to vote you wait till 15 minutes before the polls close to leave Fairhaven. Completely irresponsible. And than have tho audacity to blame someone else. Thank God you were late.


  • Lorrie
    October 27, 2013 @ 1:24 pm

    If you need to go from NB to Fairhaven on time never use the bridge! Guaranteed to screw you over! Should have been dining in NB anyways!


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