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RMV to Add Texting, Social Media Updates to Driving Test


It’s not uncommon to see drivers using their smart phones to text or update their social media status while driving. In a move that is stirring up a bit of controversy, Massachusetts will become the first state to require texting while driving to be part of their driving test.

“Massachusetts is known for being progressive and introducing things that seem controversial at first, but socially acceptable later on,” stated Jim Bieber, a professor of Social Media Studies at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. “For example we were one of the first states to legalize gay marriage and the first state to have universal health care. Now we’ll be the first state to embrace smartphone use while driving. Everyone is already doing it so let’s at least make sure our drivers are proficient at it.”

Beginning January 1st, 2014, all new driver’s licence applicants will be required to show proficiency behind the wheel on the driving portion of the exam. Drivers will need to show the ability to parallel park while sending a text or posting a Facebook update. You get bonus points for taking a selfie of yourself and posting it to Instagram.

“This is an outrage!” Stated Theresa Kennedy, President of Mothers Against Dummies & Morons On Mobile Smartphones, or MAD MOMS. “We shouldn’t be encouraging this dangerous behavior. I’m unliking the Massachusetts’ RMV Facebook page and strongly considering organizing a Million Mom March.”


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  • Mojoe
    October 31, 2013 @ 2:23 pm

    What’s next ? As long as I can wear pajama pants & matching top in my license picture I’m fine with it


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