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SHOCK POLL: 90% of Women That Wear Yoga Pants Have Never Tried Yoga



A recent study by sociologists revealed that 9 of 10 women that wear yoga pants have never tried yoga. The poll is not scientific and 10 women were surveyed.


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“It was shocking,” said Jim Costa, who surveyed the women. “Basically, the vast majority of women that wear yoga pants are frauds. It appears women have just found a new way to show off their ass.”

Jim has received death threats as men everywhere believe that the results of this study may deter women from wearing yoga pants in the future.

“What the #$%^&* were you thinking conducting this study???” E-mailed one angry male reader. “We’ve convinced women to basically dress like they are wearing nothing but paint from the waste down and now that is in jeopardy thanks to you!”

What led to this study in the first place?

“We noticed that over 1 million yoga pants were selling each month in Massachusetts and there were only 300 yoga studios in the state, explained Jim. “The Math simply didn’t add up. Plus, this gave us a reason to interview hot women in yoga pants and get paid to do it.”


  • Michael M.
    November 7, 2016 @ 9:44 pm

    Actually 76% of women who wear yoga pants are overweight!


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